The Awakening

Police in Eastern Washington have teamed up with the Park Service to search for Kayou’s body somewhere in a hopefully-shallow-ish grave so he’s not too difficult to find, and he will henceforth be known as Brick Now The Subject of A Joint Investigation Sir Not Appearing In This Session

It’s getting late in the afternoon, perhaps early evening. Eric is spending further time with the NRO searching for this missing truck as reported in the previous session; the rest of the evening in fact. Maxime requests a throwing knife/sword thing that teleports him to the location he’s thrown to, which Smokey will work on. Craig rendezvous with the Silver Ladder and does some business dealings. Rama and Alex are busy wrangling Anise’s followers and the mages as part of their dragon cult. Rama is also setting up Wicca-con. Alex is only allowing people into the house that can speak Atlantean using the ‘ask for a public restroom in Atlantean’ sign and directions to the house that are only in Atlantean.

Something awful has formed in ARG trying to figure out what the hell Anise is talking about, thinking she’s gone insane, how ISIS Fourchan took out a plane, etc.

The dragon cult has a lot of takers, strangely. They’re a little odd, since they’re Anise’s crowd and they were also some of them in the desert at Burning Patriarchy, but they’re also mages. She’s able to get their contact info and passes it on the Smokey. On the exits of the compound where Jerome’s house is, the FBI has set up blockades with black bags, etc, to grab people as they leave. Smokey is making Gitmo jokes now.

Rama asks if Smokey is on Snapchat. ‘Sure, why not’, is the reply he gets. He’ll find all the different places in the country he goes in a single day. There’s lots of selfies next to victims and crime scenes and such. With location tags turned off, of course.

In our three weeks as mages, we’ve learned of vampires and werewolves and mages – they all have a domain that they’re good at. Smokey’s domain, as far as anyone can tell, is communication and getting his ass to the crime scene. He’s never been seen in combat; we’ve seen him intimidate people by collecting information too quickly, but that’s all. He’s definitely not a mage, maybe a spirit (but a little more physical than a spirit) but along those lines with domains of GTFO and Info, roughly.

And then everyone sleeps.

During the night, everyone wakes up next to the Great Wheel in Seattle and we hear a Stargate closing sound, and we’re all wearing our gear. Eric immediately texts Smokey ‘Ferris wheel?’. His EM is lacking, in fact our magic is lacking. Things are not behaving normally. His attempt to see if there are other minds around fails. Craigs unable to summon spirits. It’s like those rules aren’t applying right now.

The pier is really long, like supernaturally long maybe a mile give or take. Color perceptions appear to be off; it’s dimmer and maybe shifted a little to the green. The Jaffa Crees do work, thankfully, as do the other magical items. There are cars, but they’re quite distant. It might not be the physical world, we’re thinking. There’s someone at the end of the pier waving to get our attention. Eric looks down his scope and he sees….. Drumroll… our old abyssal friend The Darkness.

It looks like his Twilight manifestation, but it’s definitely not Twilight. It’s close to Twilight, but closer to reality than that. The fact that the whole world is illuminated in a different way and distances aren’t normal, and we remember going to sleep at night and woke up hearing a Stargate noise with clothes on, this is sounding like a Star Trek Voyager episode and we’re in a dream world. Rama’s watch shows two different random times. Definitely dreaming.

It’s a weird collective dream where mind magic doesn’t work. Anise is not here, which is an interesting clue. She didn’t go down far enough into the tomb to meet the Darkness. This smells of mind magic, but is not apparently. There are other supernatural entities out there with powers that look like mind magic but isn’t, such as spirit possession.

Maxime gets pushed into the pier because inception and has some issues because gear. He’s dropped a fair ways because he’s heavy and so is gear. Rama jumps in after Maxime, and Eric ties a life preserver to rope and ties the rope to the pier. Maxime eventually breaks the surface and while soaked he is alive. He’s also cold.

By the way, God mentions it’s raining and it’s cold out. Maxime attempts to warm up with whiskey, but he’s struggling to get drunk, too. Rama gives him a towel.

Finally, the group goes to talk to the Darkness and he just appears to be facepalming a lot. “Hi monkeys, how ya doin?” Rama argues the semantics of monkeys versus apes. He also informs the Darkness we’re confused. Astral dream journeys much maybe? Not pay attention in mage school?

There is no mage school, really. So we’re on the astral plane. Alex asks why and how, and The Darkness says he’s not really sure, just that there’s things we need to see that he has a feeling about. He makes faces when Maxime references a song. Craig asks who did this, and Darkness just says it happens sometimes. He points over towards Pike Place, and asks if we’ve looked at it recently. Seattle has apparently flattened a bit in the dream land.

It’s kinda hard to tell from where we are right now, since we’re not close enough, but upon arriving with drones in hand, there is now an EM signal that Eric found, huzzah! The drone has audio and video, and all it hears is rain and drone noises. It sees that there are a lot of people, a lot more than are down by the pier. They do have faces, and are probably people, and don’t appear to be behaving like we’d expect of people at the market. They’re not buying anything, they’re just standing around and congregating, looking at something specific. They’re looking at a combination of each other, there are certain ones that are important, and staring at the Public Market sign.

Also there are figures standing on rooftops that people are looking at occasionally. They’re glowing a little brighter, not the dark grey green but more of a yellowish color. The Darkness has no idea what’s going here, but he knows he should point us at. It’s possible that something brought us all here independently, but he did see us pop through the ferris wheel that was blue and glowing. Which it normally doesn’t do.

The people that are standing around congregating look like normal humans; the ones they’re focusing on look like normal humans from a distance. We’d have to push our way closer; the people aren’t really talking and when shaken appear disoriented as fuck. Rama pushes his way through the crowd and finds what they’re all looking at. It looks like someone from the plane; not a mage but one of the regular people. Their faces look very puffy and they’ve got like mushroom gills and everyone is standing there looking at them still. The weird people seem to have more animation to them, but they don’t have a reason to antagonize us. The loudest thing we hear right now is rain and us. Rama informs us of what he’s seen

Rama and Alex know there are certain kinds of mushrooms that puff up before they spore, and then they toss spores about. The suggestion is to zoom, because spores can be dangerous to breathe, etcetera. Craig notes that the attention that’s being paid to them is a lot like feeding them, as though there’s an energy transfer going on. The Darkness can’t tell us if these are real people are not when Maxime asks to kill them. When Eric shoots his pistol into the air, nothing happens except the people on the building tops are now looking at us. They, annoyingly, are wearing wizard robes.

Eric fires. Roll for firearms. He’s lung-wounded the one he’s shooting at, and he collapses off the roof. The people are now looking at the wizard that’s doing a slow-motion movie fall that takes a lot of seconds. It’s followed by a solid thwack. The rest of the wizards are watching and some are taking cover trying to figure out what’s going on. Some of the people who looked at the wizards, when they turn back, appear to be mushroom people now but not as puffy and sporified.

Eric looks to shoot at another wizard, but they’ve all taken cover already having hit the deck. He manages to wound one. Alex has apparently learned what P90 spray control is and leans in and head sprays two of the mushrooms, unloading the entire P90 and then reloading it. When she head shots the mushrooms, there’s a bright yellow cloud of what looks dust. The humans look very confused, like they have no idea what’s going on. The crowd behind the people she shot also got hit, so, MCI.

Maxime hurls a Moltov cocktail towards a small group of mushroom people, and lights them and the normal people on fire, who run around screaming. The Darkness is looking like he’s going to GTFO at this point, complaining that we’re breaking the toys, but he sticks around to use them as dolls. Maxime convinces the Darkness that snapping the necks of the mushroom people is fun, and the abyssal creature reaches out and mutilates a normal person, not a puffy one, apparently he doesn’t have good eyesight.

Rama notes that the people next to the mushroom explosions might be getting infected. Craig prepares his weaponry for mushroom growth or hostility towards us. People that weren’t already mowed down by Alex are turning into mushrooms. Craig makes use of his lightning gun and hits five targets.

Eric finds a door up into a high rise and head up to the roof, and Alex and Rama follow. There seems to be a connection with the number of people and other environmental factors, like how hard it’s raining and how bright the sign is. The sign apparently reads ‘Paradox’ in bright red letters, suggesting that they were all the people on the plane and that they should have been eliminated. Maxime gained spirit pants.

Having had this realization and presumably informed the rest of the group, they decide it’s time to leave. Returning the ferris wheel via trotting, the group searches for a control box with a lever to start the ferris wheel going. They pull the lever and hear the sound of chevrons locking and spinning, there’s a giant sploosh with Walter’s voiceover. Eric sends the drone through and loses the signal. The Darkness climbs on top of the control booth and jumps through yelling obscenities at us.

The group hops through and wake up in their beds covered in sweat. Eric sends messages to everyone including Smokey asking him for the status of all the plane survivors. Smokey apparently released them, and Eric and Alex insist on bringing them back NOW. The rest of the group discovers that they did share the dream, but none of our equipment was used. We’re pretty sure it’s not a mushroom fueled trip. It’s now like 4am. Craig goes back to sleep after a chat to compare notes. Eric CCs Smokey on this memo, and that he should triple check the plane survivors, and Smokey says ‘turning on the furnaces’ for body disposal. Eric asks if they can be put in isolation first, which Smokey agrees to in order to see what happens and wait to see if they show symptoms. The rest of the group goes to sleep after the text exchanges. Alex does some research on the astral plane, and there’s not much out there and those who studied it didn’t often keep their sanity because Abyssal.

Eric goes to eastern washington and finds that stuff God said he found, and then in the morning gathers the group in a huey courtesy of Smokey, complete with the side-door machine guns. He asks if we can have some combat agents to bring along; apparently there aren’t a lot of them. Alex asks after some Marine grunts, so Smokey calls up some reserves of Marine sleepwalkers to work on stomping out ISIS Fourchan in Eastern WA. Smokey tells Eric to check CNN; it seems like the Cleveland Browns are doing really well – like the Browns quarterback is faster than usual. Smokey sends: pattern? Mancheetah. Smokey is shutting down the game with a terror alert, but that’s not the point. Eric says ‘can portal, mind magic, one sec’.

The Marine pilot is a sleeper, but Eric decides to go for it anyway. He’s high resolve, he’ll manage flying the whirlybird through the portal. Probably. He’s had to sweep shadows off the sidewalk before.

Eric manages to successfully portal the helicopter over the lake at exactly 10000 feet. He gets lucky and avoids causing paradox with the exception of the Marine who’s now very confused. Eric tells him this is a top secret mission, he didn’t see anything, and to land us in the stadium.

Aye, aye, sir.



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