Alexandra Flynn



Appearance: Tall redhead with long, wavy red hair. 5’11’’. She’s slim, but in an athletic sort of way. Sharp, light green eyes. Essentially, the part of Alexandra Flynn will be played by Amber Skye Noyes.


Alexandra is getting a dual Ph.D. in Anthropology and Epidemiology at UW. She’s here because it’s a great program, but it’s also on the other side of the planet from her father, Doctor Jonathan Flynn. Her reasoning for avoiding the elder Flynn will require a deeper exploration into her history.

Alexandra’s mother died before she was old enough to remember her, and she’s been told by the few family friends who she knows that Jonathan changed rather a lot after that incident. He was adrift, and threw himself into his work. Dr. Flynn is an archaeologist, specializing in North African history and tribes, although he has general expertise throughout Africa and the Middle East, with passing interest in Central and South America. Rather than leave Alexandra at home, or at a boarding school, he brought her along on trips. Trip after trip after trip after trip.

In short, Jonathan Flynn is a workaholic. He didn’t neglect Alexandra, but neither was he the kind of comforting presence a father should be. He’s been emotionally distant since the loss of his wife, which makes him an exceptional researcher but not a particularly good parent. She experienced better parental relationships with individuals who worked on digs or from local villages that they regularly visited.

Despite the lack of traditional family ties, Alexandra learned a great deal in her early life. Her father homeschooled her, and in that he did a superb job (she’s sharp as a tack and sometimes has quite a sharp tongue as well), but she was rarely able to make any long-term friends. The only one she still communicates with almost daily is a young woman named Emma Wilson, who is currently earning her own Ph.D. at Oxford. She does keep in touch with a larger group of people who she met on her father’s digs – pretty much anyone she spent time with more than once she still exchanges letters and emails with from time to time.

Outside of ‘school’ Alexandra was heavily involved with her father’s digs and explorations from an early age. She can haul around a heavy pack of tools and supplies through the jungle or the desert, and she’s quite deft with a combat knife and a machete as a result. The combat knife, in addition to the multi-tools, are some of her favorite possessions. Alexandra is also quite dextrous, as one needs to be in order to delicately unearth ancient artifacts.

Around the time she turned 10, her father began to take an interest in mythology and occult traditions/religions of the areas he spent a lot of time in. She was exposed to quite a lot of bizarre and potentially-impossible-to-explain things along the way. Whether the things she saw were real or not is something that occasionally distracts her attention, but it rarely ends with anything better than a headache.

Her time spent on these field expeditions also exposed Alexandra – quite literally – to many different kinds of disease. She’s had malaria three times, West Nile virus, Giardia, and a spate of other less-dangerous illnesses. Alexandra counts herself lucky that she has access to healthcare, but it was obvious that very few of the people she met throughout her life would ever have that kind of care. Tropical disease epidemics became a fascination for her in relatively short order. People in general, and why they behave they do, is a larger subject of interest for her – which was the basis of many arguments that she had with her father. She challenged him on many of his assumptions and interpretations and eventually arguments about his parenting abilities. She envies people for the normality of their lives and the stability they had growing up in comparison to her hurricane youth.

Needless to say, when it was time to go to college, she went rather far away from him. Her undergraduate degree was earned at Stanford, and she enjoyed living on the West Coast of the United States enough that she wanted to stay. Her four years in undergrad and the subsequent three (to date) have been the longest she’s spent in any one location in her entire life.

Currently, she’s studying First People’s tribes in the Pacific Northwest, with an emphasis on Global Health via her Epidemiology degree. Being in one location for more than a few months at a time has actually allowed her to make friends. She joined Kappa Alpha Theta, and remains involved in the sorority at UW, which also has a chapter. She has several close friends from her undergraduate experience who are still living in California, a mix of women from the sorority, and other students of the anthropology department.

Here at UW, her closest friends are Johanna Harvey, Lydia O’Halleran, and Ben Chavez. Ben has nurtured Alexandra’s inner geek, and it was on his suggestion (and Emma’s insistence when she learned about the club) that she attended and eventually joined the club. RPG games are an interesting study in and of themselves, but they’re different enough from real life that it’s not like she’s always doing academic work.

Alexandra also knows (Lee Burton’s Character); he helped her map out some epidemiological studies using fairly complicated computer software.

Alexandra Flynn

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